Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting 2011 in Darkness, HMW Signs Vegas Metal Band “diM.” to IME Records

There’s nothing visually dark about the Vegas strip. Rather, the entire place lights up like a Christmas tree each night of the year, beckoning wide eyed tourists and star struck entertainers twenty-four hours a day.

As if to balance the illumination overload, darkness reveals itself within the city’s underground metal scene. It is here that Itchy Metal Entertainment first encountered the explosive sound of Death in Motion (aka diM.)

“I’ve had the privilege of seeing their live show several times,” reflects Ed Fassio, President of IME Records. “diM. commands a very impressive stage presence and they have a very loyal and intense audience.”

diM. are six members bonded by a common interest and love for heavy music. Formed in February of 2006, the sinister sextuplets have shared stage with some of the most brutal, up and coming heavy acts across the nation including: Mushroomhead, Motograter, Divine Heresy, Asesino, Agnostic Front, Spineshank, Otep and Silent Civilian – just to name a few.

With vocal styles reminiscent of sounds from the Deftones, Killswitch Engage, and Sevendust, the group consistently pushes the sound barrier; bringing unique elements to their music including distorted keyboard and samples that sound like recordings from a torture chamber.  Manifesting as the very embodiment of heavy metal, diM’s rhythm section blends unique patterns and grooves with drum fills that roll like an avalanche. And to wrap it up with one big, bloody knot, the band’s Slayer-styled guitar work serves as a facial power punch of unforgiving audio assault.

In early 2011, fans can expect two initial releases from the band through Itchy Metal Entertainment. Future plans include additional projects, merchandise and additional musical considerations. Signing the band on New Year’s Eve, IME Records is making literal bets that the future of Heavy Metal-World™ is: diM.

“I’m very excited to welcome diM. to the label and the world can expect great things from these guys,” adds Fassio. “I love it when bands can deliver the unexpected and shock the senses. These guys draw everyone in for the kill.”