Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heavy has Moved to WWW.ITCHYMETAL.COM

Hey Heavy Metal enthusiasts - the original blog is still here, but the official site and all the latest news from Itchy Metal has now officially moved to our new site at WWW.ITCHYMETAL.COM

Come check us out over there!  \m/

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Click on over to ITCHYMETAL and Chk out the new music video from IME Artist MikeDrastic:

Monday, March 7, 2011

HMW Launches Official Website for ""

When independent heavy metal label “Itchy Metal Entertainment” launched in late 2010, the company intended to leverage technology to the fullest. From inception, the strategy was to enable a fully mobile staff through the social media platform.
Initially using a combination of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Blogger, IME quickly extended the company brand and global footprint. The combined SM providers allowed the label to instantly create and share real-time content from geographically dispersed sources and maintain the critical ability to capture and interact with an ever-increasing fan base.
In addition, IME utilizes cloud services for document and content management needs across its own employees and the artist roster. E-mail is still leveraged, but those communications are increasingly being supplemented and even replaced through FB chats, wall posts, shorter direct messages, text and chat messaging.
Digital distribution is handled through iTunes; Twitter managed through RSS bots and video content is published via YouTube and Vimeo which are simultaneously interlinked with IME’s Social Media accounts. IME also utilizes several analytics and web-charting tools to keep track of site traffic, online buzz and monitor brand growth for both company and artists.
To further promote web presence and strengthen search engine results, IME has now migrated to WordPress as the web-platform of choice for the company’s official website WWW.ITCHYMETAL.COM due to its strong SEO and SM integration.
The new site offers a streamlined interface and real-time Twitter updates specific to the company and individual artists. In addition, the WP-Platform is fully customizable and easily incorporates popular widgets from ReverbNation and YouTube as additional viral resources to extend artist promotion and brand awareness.
Check out the site at:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Beach Metal-Makers "enRot" Sign to Itchy Metal Entertainment

Home to a half-million residents and a bustling street art scene, Long Beach also holds claim to resident rockers “enRot”, a local heavy metal quartet burning up SoCal’s entertainment venues with aspirations of world domination.

Influenced by the likes of Sepultura, Pantera, Lamb of God and Devil Driver, enRot enters the west coast metal scene full-force, ready to leave their indelible mark on independent music. The group’s current line-up includes Ivan Wiegand on vocals, Russ Grell on guitars, Jeremy Barbata as bassist and newest member, Francisco Zamudio on drums. The collaborative result of creative minds and focused dedication, the band brings together a decade of combined musical experience showcasing an impressive performance calendar for a relatively new band.

As the latest addition to Los Angeles new media agency and indie label “Itchy Metal Entertainment”, enRot’s inclusion on the firm’s roster returns interest to developing artists on the LA scene and helps to extend the company’s talent network between the Las Vegas strip and the Sunset strip.

“The core of great, new music is from the songs and bands yet to be discovered,” states Ed Fassio, CEO of Itchy Metal Entertainment. “A veteran act has to push themselves beyond current plateaus and emerging artists have the challenge of establishing a name and at the same time developing a unique sound. In enRot, we found a great balance of musical experience combined with new enthusiasm and fresh potential.”

Fassio’s expectations of the Long Beach band are high. Being relatively new but extremely ambitious presents the opportunity for IME to focus on enRot’s artist development efforts. "We’re excited to try new ideas, campaigns and approaches towards expanding their success and momentum. Our plan is to build upon a strong foundation and literally accelerate everything the band is currently working on.”

Excited fans can sample the group’s live performance throughout the greater Los Angeles landscape.  Often teaming with local favorites, enRot’s event schedule includes a full smorgasbord of March gigs including upcoming shows at Studio City’s Universal Grill, DiPiazza’s in Long Beach, The DollHut in Anaheim and LA’s Boulevard Café.

For a full list of upcoming show dates and additional information on the band, check them out online at:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phoenix Rockers "Impulsive Aggression" Sign to Itchy Metal Entertainment

Since launch in late 2010, Itchy Metal Entertainment strives to look beyond stereo-types and the societal prerequisites of main stream music. Constantly challenged to seek new paths, the indie label’s mission embodies hard-working artists and provides a platform from which to expose the metal art form to a world-wide audience.

With a strong affection for bands that command presence, IME partners with musicians that remain agile and possess a core business maturity. In return, the label provides honest opportunity through a driving work ethic  and innovative approach– a direct reflection of the artists themselves.

These tenets have extended Itchy Metal Artists world-wide and recently introduced the label to Phoenix, Arizona. In a land of tumbleweed and sunsets, cactus and mountains they found four cowboys from hell known locally as the heavy-metal foursome “Impulsive Aggression”.

“Heavily” inspired, drummer Craig Henry combines musical efforts with Joe Paniagua on guitars, Jack Schwitz on bass and front man Rich Morales. The resulting assault of thick crunchy guitars, thunderous bass, hardcore vocals and pounding drums manifests as thrashers on a mission and this group’s rapid-fire pace has taken their sound all over America’s Southwest.

“Craig and I had several conversations about the direction of the band and potential opportunities for growth,” states Ed Fassio, IME President. “This band understands the important combination of stage and strategy. They possess a fueled passion for metal with an equivalent appetite for success, and it’s their tenacity that particularly stood out.”

Make no mistake- these guys definitely take their shredding just as serious! Veterans to live performance and road warriors with the mileage to prove it, Impulsive Aggression has played  at venues large and small, sharing the bill with such acts as Agent Orange, Death Pilot, LA Guns, Lizzy Borden, Dokken, Flotsam & Jetsam and Otep....just to name a few. And with upcoming performances on Sunset Strip alongside Fear Factory and Asesino, these metal merchants are definitely guilty by association.

Impulsive Aggression’s addition to the Itchy Metal roster includes a calculated plan to develop and extend the group’s branding, two forthcoming releases and a collaborative merchandising deal.

“We’re really stoked to join Itchy Metal,” says IA’s Craig Henry. “And we’re looking forward to a future of opportunities.”

For more information on the band, visit them online at:

Friday, February 25, 2011

“Winter Will Follow” Brings a Blizzard of Brutal to Itchy Metal Entertainment

There was a time when people said Sin City had no metal scene. If it ain’t Elvis, it just wasn’t Vegas. Then we heard rumors of underground parties and desert shows. And as if the sun itself dried out the naysayers, slowly – but surely, the metal began to surface. Through the cracks, out of the garages, and spilling on to the streets, the decibels kept getting louder and the quake, bigger.

Eventually, that rumble evolved into one of the fastest growing indie metal scenes the west coast has experienced since Thrash hit the Bay. In today’s Las Vegas, heavy metal has risen from the belly of the beast to the mouth of the dragon and Sin City claims playground to several brutal forces and genre variations.

Local head-bangers already know that there are certain venues that the boldest of metal bands call home. Included are Rancho’s delightfully infamous Cheyenne Saloon – a rough and gritty “House of Heavy” and the skate-inspired “702”, one of the more popular all-ages venues off the strip. It’s at both, the adrenalized five-piece known as “Winter Will Follow” routinely commands center stage, explode ear drums and rocks audiences to the core.

Bonded by friendship, WWF started as a few guys "jamming" and quickly became a force to be reckoned with, now established as a staple in the Las Vegas music scene.

“I remember seeing these guys at the Farm almost 3 years ago and they were pure energy unleashed. Their live show is nothing short of atomic,” recalls Ed Fassio, founder of Itchy Metal Entertainment. “And right in the middle of all that mayhem, you’ve got five guys dedicated to their craft and smart about their business. That mix instantly appealed to me.”

Playing shows across the Southwest, and sharing stage with kindred heavyweights like Silent Civilian and Volumes – (just to name a couple), Winter Will Follow has built a strong and dedicated following of hardcore fans. With driving beats, massive metal riffs, and in your face vocals, the group defines their own style and delivers unique character.

“Winter Will Follow is a band that loves doing what they do and they put a ton of focus into bringing that emotion directly to the stage,” adds Fassio.

The band’s new relationship with IME Records will begin with a strategic promotional campaign, the distribution of two new singles, and a collaborative merchandising project.

Itchy Metal Artist: STRYKJÄRN Video Update from Sweden

Mix anything with a little beer and MAGIC can happen! Check out what our boys from Sweden have been up to in their latest video blog: